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Live Lean

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Live Lean is an award winning, vegan complex of vitamins and minerals designed specifically to raise your metabolism and boost your energy levels. Whether it's to fire up your metabolism in the morning, before any workout to maximise your performance, or to increase your energy levels- lean on me.

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Limitless is a revolutionary, patented complex of natural plant fibres which have been medically proven to aid weightloss and manage calorific surpluses by up to 462 calories per day. Don't miss out on life's simple pleasures- limit the damage with Limitless 

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Live Clean

From £29

Live Clean is a unique 14 or 28 day detox tonic. Our unique formula of natural, plant-based active ingredients will cleanse and nourish your body from the inside out. Feeling sluggish? Unexplained fatigue? Cellulite and bloating? Live Clean's exclusive blend of plant power will help rid your body of toxins and aid weightloss.

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Exclusive Hooded Sweatshirt 'EDITION1'


The first unisex clothing drop for Team Live Limitless is here.
Meet our 'EDITION1' hooded sweatshirt


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The LL Full House

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A triple threat for your body, mind and soul. Grab Live Lean, Live Clean and Limitless for a total body recharge and reset, whether that’s a new PB at the gym, a change in healthy lifestyle habits or weight management goals. The ‘LL Full House’ is your one stop shop.

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