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Limitless is a revolutionary, patented complex of natural plant fibres which have been medically proven to aid weightloss and manage calorific surpluses by up to 462 calories per day. Don't miss out on life's simple pleasures- limit the damage with Limitless 
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  • Description

    Limitless is a revolutionary, vegan complex of natural plant fibres which have been medically proven to aid weight management.

    This exclusive complex with patented technology helps to control your calorie intake as well as your hunger in a simple, fast and effective way – the special plant fibres works on the food you are eating by:

    • Collecting/ absorbing fats.
    • Collecting/ absorbing sugars.
    • Reducing your appetite. 

      Limitless captures up to 462 calories per day from the food you are consuming. As an officially recognised 'medical device', Limitless has gained this status through a series of rigorous testing to prove it's effectiveness [CE number 1370]. Limitless is a mechanical action which does not enter your blood stream, which puts it in the same medical device category as pacemakers, catheters and even syringes!

      Limitless can be used to help manage calorific surpluses from those occasional over indulgences. Limitless also has proven weight loss effectiveness and can help you to both lose, as well as maintain your weight as part of a balanced diet, increasing a more maintainable calorie deficit.

    • What Can Limitless Do For Me?
      Due to its unique multifunctional weight loss mechanism:
      I.e. it combines 3 calorie counting actions:
      1. Captures fats
      2. Captures sugars/carbohydrates
      3. Reduces your appetite
      You can use it in 2 ways:


      Limitless only works on the meal you are just about to eat. Therefore it is very effective in regulating your food excesses- a rich meal that is high in fats, sugars and carbohydrates for example.
      By taking Limitless before you are going to eat calorie-dense food, the amount of calories your body will absorb from that meal is limited due to a mechanical action thanks to some very clever oat, apple and carrot molecules. Thus, your weight is regulated in a more manageable way, and you don't have to sacrifice that pizza for #bodygoals -every body is a goal. And everybody's goals differ when it comes to their health and weight.
      Here at Live Limitless we want you to enjoy yourself without worrying about the perceived impact straying from a diet may have on your health, wellness and aesthetic goals.
      Keep Limitless with you and use as required.


      When taken at the beginning of a meal the fibre complex absorbs water and swells in your stomach like a real active intra-gastric balloon, helping us to feel fuller, quicker – you get an immediate and extended feeling of fullness which means less calories are consumed.
      The fibre complex interacts with the food you are eating and absorbs part of the ingested fats and sugars/carbohydrates, preventing your body from absorbing them. This mechanism can reduce the amount of calories your body absorbs by up to 462 calories per day.
      In a recent clinical study patients lost an average of 2.8kg and 2.4cm around their waist after taking Limitless for 30 days and maintaining their normal eating habits.
      Therefore, by taking Limitless before your two main meals and following a healthy diet you can lose a significant amount of weight without experiencing the adverse side effects associated with a calorie deficit.
    • How Do I Use Limitless?


      Limitless is unique in that it works on the meal you are JUST about to eat. Therefore, we recommend keeping a pack of Limitless on you at all times for those 'emergencies' [although good food should never be an emergency in our eyes!]. This works very well if you are sticking to specific 'macros' or a diet plan.  
      We can't stick to a nutrient-rich diet all the time, that isn't sustainable. Maybe during the week it's kale salads and chia puds, but on the weekend it's a chocolate bar and fries with far less nutrient properties. That's okay, Limitless has your back.
      On these occasions take 3 capsules with a large glass of water just before your meal. If you’re going on holiday and don’t want to worry about compromising your goals, with Limitless you can still enjoy the fun and food.
      Take 3 capsules with your two main meals while on holiday to decrease the calorie surplus, and continue for a further week when you’re home.


      Take 3 capsules twice a day just before your lunch and dinner with a large glass of water.
      The capsules disperse in your stomach and the fibres expand to help you when it comes to overeating. Some of us naturally produce more ghrelin- the "hunger hormone" and this can make sticking to a calorie deficit very difficult. Our special Limitless fibres also capture fats and sugars from your meal and reduce the amount of calories absorbed in the stomach.
      This means you can do a 15-day or a 30-day course with any balanced healthy diet plan for consistent weight loss results.
      You can use Limitless alongside any diet plan.
      The maximum duration of advised treatment is 30 consecutive days. The treatment can be renewed for a further period of 30 days after a break of at least 5 days.

    • Ingredients
      100% plant fibre complex; capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.  
      This complex has no colours or preservatives. Contains Gluten. Sold in packages of 90 capsules.  
      Do not use if you have an allergy to or intolerance of one of the compounds present in the formula. Not recommended for persons allergic to Carrot, Oat, Apple or Gluten.
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